The time I went on a date with Ryan … and his date

It’s March in Phoenix. I’m shoehorned into a row of folding chairs in center left at Chase Field, looking up at a Jumbotron, watching Billy Joel’s hands glide effortlessly across his keyboard. …

Head back once the pandemic clears, and you’ll find competence and compassion among the nation’s young people

I’m an advocate of lifelong learning. I think it’s important to stay engaged in society, to keep your mind active, and to make sure you’re growing as a human being, no matter how old you are.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to go back to school…

Imagine the power of honoring influential Black Americans

Bronze statue of a man from the nineteenth century. He’s looking forward, and stands next to a decorative copper lamp.

The United States is slowly rethinking how to talk about and present our 400-year history of racism. As we do so, it’s useful to see how Germany is addressing the ugliest part of its heritage — Nazism and the Holocaust.

I’ve been to Germany twice within the past decade. I…

A masked white man holds a cardboard sign while white onlookers watch. The sign says “White Silence Equals Violence.”

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell recently asked whether any of his Republican colleagues would declare, unequivocally, that Black lives matter. His Republican colleague, Matt Gaetz, countered by asking whether Swalwell believes all lives matter.

Gaetz might think he’s striking a blow for equality when he voices the “all lives” mantra, but…

Peter Faur

Writer, reader, runner, moviegoer. Friend of the friendless, foe of the foeless.

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